November 9 BY Colleen Hoover

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“November 9” is a very popular book worldwide. This book was published on November 10, 2015. The book “November 9: A Novel Paperback,” is written by “Colin Hoover”. The book “November 9” is a novel by Colin Hoover. This book is a big book of 320 pages. The book is published in the English language.

November 9 BY Colin Hoover
November 9 BY Colin Hoover

November 9 Details:

  • Book Name:  November 9
  • Author Name: Colin Hoover
  • Category: Novel
  • Total Pages: 320
  • Language: English
  • Publication date: November 10, 2015
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 0.8 x 8.25 inches

The book is a million-selling book on Amazon. As far as I know, it is an excellent book, which may be a relief for you.

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