How to Install Free Fire in PC

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Dear Free Fire fans and lovers are you bored playing Free Fire on your mobile phone? Do you want to play Free Fire on your PC/Laptop? But can not install Free Fire in PC or Laptop? Don’t worry I will help you. Today I will show you how to install Free Fire on your PC/Laptop. Let’s get started!

Friends We will install Free Fire within 4 Steps:

  1. Download Emulator
  2. Setup Emulator
  3. Setup Gmail
  4. Install Free Fire

Download Emulator

We know that phone and computer operating system is totally different. If you want to use your computer as a phone, then you have to overwrite your operating system with the application. It will overwrite your operating system and turn it into your computer as a phone. Let’s know the best emulator for your computer system. Which is very lightweight, easy to use and comfortable for your computer.

The name of the best emulator is Memuplay. Memuplay is the best emulator I’ve ever seen. Because it can run on a low configuration PC. If you have 4 GB of RAM on your PC then you can download and install this emulator. On the other hand, this emulator has an official website. You can download this emulator from its official website. Please visit the Official Website and download the latest version of the application or emulator.

Setup Emulator

After downloading Memuplay you have to set it up on your computer. At first, go to the download section on your computer. Then you can see the memuplay.exe application. Now select and right-click on it. Click the run as administrator. After that, you can see a popup. You have to choose the yes option from this popup.

How to Install Free Fire in PC
How to Install Free Fire in PC

After that, you will see another popup like this image.

How to Install Free Fire in PC
How to Install Free Fire in PC

Then click to Quick install.

Memu Installation

After completing this process then click launch now. Then you can see a window like this.

Memuplay Complete Installation
Memuplay Complete Installation

Now it’s your phone on your PC/Computer. Friends we’ve completed the Memuplay installation process. Now we go to the next step. Our next step is Gmail set up on this phone.

Setup Gmail

Without setup Gmail, on your virtual phone, you can’t be able to install Free Fire on it. So you must set up your Gmail on this device. so let’s get started.

Click the Google play store icon. then you can see this image.

Click to sign in and you will redirect to the next page. Then you have to enter your Gmail and password. After signing to the Google Play Store, you will get an interface like your phone’s.

Install Free Fire

Now search “Free Fire”.

After that, you will get the “Free Fire” application and install it.

After completing the installation, you can play it on your computer with Mouse and Keyboard.


This game is very exciting for teenagers. Play games, it’s fine but doesn’t addict with these games. Addiction is very harmful to us. Play these games with a limitation. Otherwise, It will impact our human body. So stay safe, stay happy.

Tanks of all.