IPL Time Table 2023, Schedule, Fixtures, Start Date

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IPL is going to be held this year like every year. IPL Time Table 2023 has been implemented this year also like in other years. IPL is the biggest and most popular cricket tournament in the world. So everyone is very interested to watch this game and knowing about this game. As the game is about to start, it is important for everyone to know its duration, auction date and match schedule.

Today we will discuss in detail IPL Time Table 2023. A total of 10 teams will participate in this event of IPL. Previously there were eight teams, but this year two more teams have been added to make a total of 10 teams. The two new teams are Lucknow Supergiants & Gujarat Titans. Below is the list of 10 teams that will participate in IPL 2023.

The matches of the IPL 2023 season will start on 25 March (Sunday) 2023 and the matches will end on 28 May (Sunday) 2023. A total of 74 matches will be held in this tournament with 10 teams. While the matches in the first part will be points games, the next ones will be knockouts. Every team in this tournament is very strong. Below is the list of matches, dates and times for this season.

IPL Time Table 2023

Versus Date Time
CSK vs KKR 25-Mar-23 7:30 PM
DC vs MI 26-Mar-23 3:30 PM
PBKS vs RCB 26-Mar-23 7:30 PM
GT vs LSG 27-Mar-23 7:30 PM
SRH vs RR 28-Mar-23 7:30 PM
RCB vs KKR 29-Mar-23 7:30 PM
LSG vs CSK 30-Mar-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs PBKS 31-Mar-23 7:30 PM
MI vs RR 01-Apr-23 3:30 PM
GT vs DC 01-Apr-23 7:30 PM
CSK vs PBSK 02-Apr-23 7:30 PM
SRH vs LSG 03-Apr-23 7:30 PM
RR vs RCB 04-Apr-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs MI 05-Apr-23 7:30 PM
LSG vs DC 06-Apr-23 7:30 PM
PBKS vs GT 07-Apr-23 7:30 PM
CSK vs SRH 08-Apr-23 3:30 PM
RCB vs MI 08-Apr-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs DC 09-Apr-23 3:30 PM
RR vs LSG 09-Apr-23 7:30 PM
SRH vs GT 10-Apr-23 7:30 PM
CSK vs RCB 11-Apr-23 7:30 PM
MI vs PBKS 12-Apr-23 7:30 PM
RR vs GT 13-Apr-23 7:30 PM
SRH vs KKR 14-Apr-23 7:30 PM
MI vs LSG 15-Apr-23 3:30 PM
DC vs RCB 15-Apr-23 7:30 PM
PBKS vs SRH 16-Apr-23 3:30 PM
GT vs CSK 16-Apr-23 7:30 PM
RR vs KKR 17-Apr-23 7:30 PM
LSG vs RCB 18-Apr-23 7:30 PM
DC vs PBKS 19-Apr-23 7:30 PM
MI vs CSK 20-Apr-23 7:30 PM
DC vs RR 21-Apr-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs GT 22-Apr-23 3:30 PM
RCB vs SRH 22-Apr-23 7:30 PM
LSG vs MI 23-Apr-23 7:30 PM
PBKS vs CSK 24-Apr-23 7:30 PM
RCB vs RR 25-Apr-23 7:30 PM
GT vs SRH 26-Apr-23 7:30 PM
DC vs KKR 27-Apr-23 7:30 PM
PBKS vs LSG 28-Apr-23 7:30 PM
GT vs RCB 29-Apr-23 3:30 PM
RR vs MI 29-Apr-23 7:30 PM
DC vs LSG 30-Apr-23 3:30 PM
SRH vs CSK 30-Apr-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs RR 01-May-23 7:30 PM
GT vs PBKS 02-May-23 7:30 PM
RCB vs CSK 03-May-23 7:30 PM
DC vs SRH 04-May-23 7:30 PM
GT vs MI 05-May-23 7:30 PM
PBKS vs RR 06-May-23 3:30 PM
LSG vs KKR 06-May-23 7:30 PM
SRH vs RCB 07-May-23 3:30 PM
CSK vs DC 07-May-23 7:30 PM
MI vs KKR 08-May-23 7:30 PM
LSG vs GT 09-May-23 7:30 PM
RR vs DC 10-May-23 7:30 PM
CSK vs MI 11-May-23 7:30 PM
RCB vs PBKS 12-May-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs SRH 13-May-23 7:30 PM
CSK vs GT 14-May-23 3:30 PM
LSG vs RR 14-May-23 7:30 PM
PBKS vs DC 15-May-23 7:30 PM
MI vs SRH 16-May-23 7:30 PM
KKR vs LSG 17-May-23 7:30 PM
RCB vs GT 18-May-23 7:30 PM
RR vs CSK 19-May-23 7:30 PM
MI vs DC 20-May-23 7:30 PM
SRH vs PBKS 21-May-23 7:30 PM
FINAL 28-May-23 7:30 PM

IPL Time Table 2023 updated schedules are published. It is very helpful. By reading this article you can know about the IPL match fixtures, start date and timetable. We always post the best for our visitors.

IPL 2023 will be more popular than in other years. It is undoubtedly the most popular cricket event in the world. 2023 IPL, the 16th season of IPL. Stay with us to get all the updated information about this event.

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