Apple AirPods Max


Released December 15, 2020
Chipset Apple H1
Bluetooth 5.0
iOS 12.2 or later
Apple TV Supported
Battery Up to 20 hours


Apple AirPods Max Price Specifications and Review

Release Date December 15, 2020
Price $549
Dimension 6.64 inches (168.6 mm)
3.28 inches (83.4 mm)
7.37 inches (187.3 mm)
Weight 13.6 ounces (384.8 grams)
Resistance No waterproof
Features superior three-dimensional sound
more efficient battery life — all at once
The case can be charged with a Lightning connector
very sound is more vivid than ever
Bluetooth 5.0
iOS 12.2 or later
WatchOS 5.2 or later
MacOS 10.14.4 or later
Apple TV Supported
Type Rich, high-quality audio and voice
Features 2X More Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic
Type Non-removable Li-Ion
With case Up to 20 hours of listening time on a single charge
Single Charge 5 minutes of charge time provides around 1.5 hours of listening time
Chip Apple H1
Color Space Gray, Silver, Sky Blue, Green, and Pink

Apple AirPods Max Specifications in Details

Apple AirPods Max is set to be officially launched on December 15, 2020. The AirPods Max dimension measures 6.64 inches (168.6 mm) and its weight is 13.6 ounces (384.8 grams).

These AirPods support iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, and Apple TV Support. The sound type of the AirPod is Rich, high-quality audio and voice. Other features of this phone include Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic. View it on the Official Website.

Apple AirPods is very comfortable and lightweight. It is always fil very comfortable to use these AirPods. It will improve your Listening and day-to-day performance. So that’s why in my opinion Apple AirPods Max will give you extra facilities in your daily life.

Apple AirPods Max Score – 9.2


Apple AirPods Max gets an Amazons Preview score of 9.2 out of 10.

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  1. Amazons Preview

    Mind-blowing sound, smooth design, and excellent performance.

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