Chromax High Visibility Distance Golf Balls 6-Pack Review


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Chromax High Visibility Distance Golf Balls 6-Pack in Details

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Brighten up your game with this bold six-pack of Distance golf balls from Chromax! Thanks to High Visibility Technology, which combines a reflective inner layer with a translucent outer layer, the ball can be seen in all light conditions. The 90-compression design is ideal for faster swing speeds, while carefully sized dimples create optimal spin and trajectory.
The durable, Chromax Surlyn patented reflective coating, gives golfers a competitive visual, tracking advantage, reduces lost balls and minimizing strokes for a better score. Serious colored golf balls with distance and soft feel for a fun game. Golfing with Chromax speeds up pace of play and reduces lost balls.
Conforms to U.S.G.A. and R&A Rules
90 compression: Translucent soft Surlyn coating
Professional Level Performance
Designed for golfers with faster swing speeds and lower handicaps
Available in 3 High Visibility Colors: Green, Gold, and Silver


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