Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls (Pack of 6) Review


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The Chromax M5 is our newest, patented metallic golf ball, tested to Conform to USGA and R&A Rules for tournament play. The new M5 75 compression core, combined with larger dimples, gives your drives more distance. The durable Surlyn coating delivers solid control around the greens and gives the ball longevity to play several rounds.
Many men and seniors are “seeing” the visual advantage of our reflective coating. They are finding a competitive edge over other colored golf balls, with our unique undercoating that catches the light and can be seen with greater success while tracking in the air, locating on the fairway and in the rough.
Chromax golf balls appeal to all ages and skill levels. Do you want to make friends on the golf course? Have a few extra Chromax in your bag, because they are a magnet for golfers who have not seen them before. They make a GREAT golf gift for the partner who constantly confuses their ball with your own. Junior golfers love our cool colors and women typically find a color that resonates with their game, making it more enjoyable + fun = better game. Many golfers who are visually impaired have shared their golfing success with Chromax and in some cases, they would not be able to play this great game any longer, if it weren’t for their chosen reflective, Chromax colors. The new M5 boasts 8 beautiful, high visibility colors, gold, yellow, silver, green neon, orange, pink, blue and purple. What color reflects your best game?
Chromax golf balls are invented and manufactured by a physicist, materials engineer and scratch golfer. An extraordinary combination of knowledge to build winning golf balls.

Find the color that reflects your best game: gold, yellow, neon green, silver, pink, orange, blue or purple and select a few for a great golf gift for your favorite partner
Unique vivid colors are easy to see, track and locate, in all light conditions, lowering scores and helping golfers with limited vision
Larger dimple pattern and specially blended core increases distance and control
All models and colors Conform to USGA and R&A Rules for tournament play


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