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At DLNIA, our passion for enhancing your sleep experience led us to create the Double Stitch Down Alternative Luxury Hotel Collection Pillows. Crafted with precision, these pillows boast a 100% Cotton Shell and a luxurious 250 Thread Count, delivering a soft and hypoallergenic sleep sanctuary. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail, providing you with the comfort and support you deserve.


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DLNIA – Where Comfort Takes Center Stage

OPTIMAL FILL MATERIAL – DLNIA pillows queen size set of 2 are filled with a unique blend of 3D and 7D hollow polyester fibers, with 1060g in each pillow. This meticulous combination ensures the ideal balance of fluffiness and support. While the fluffiness of polyester fibers ranges from 1.1D (softest) to 15D (hardest), our 3D+7D filling ratio, a well-established choice, strikes a perfect middle ground, offering a comfortable and versatile option suitable for a wide range of sleep preferences.
PERFECT SUPPORT & LUXURY COMFORT – The DLNIA queen pillows set of 2 are designed to offer precisely tailored support and contouring. Crafted from 60S cotton satin, they are exceptionally soft and breathable, ensuring a fresh and comfortable night’s sleep. With DLNIA pillows, you can relish the sensation of a five-star luxury hotel experience in the comfort of your own home.
BOUNCE-BACK DESIGN – Our plush pillows standard size set of 2 are expertly engineered to maintain their shape, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. This ensures a consistently restful night’s sleep, night after night.
MACHINE WASHABLE CONVENIENCE – Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with our machine washable pillow. Simply use a delicate cycle with cold water for cleaning. To preserve pillow quality, lay them flat in a well-ventilated area to dry, ensuring long-lasting comfort.
GUIDELINE – Unwrap your standard pillows set of 2, gently fluff both sides allowing it to regain full loft over 24 hours, your pillows are ready for use once fluffed and they transform into your dream pillows. The initial softness of the bed pillows evolves into the perfect level of support, ensuring nights of uninterrupted comfort.
The DLNIA Promise: Our bed pillows queen size set of 2 are the culmination of extensive industry expertise, rigorous research, meticulous testing, and the use of top-tier materials. Our bed pillow is meticulously crafted to provide you with the most heavenly and revitalizing sleep you’ve ever experienced. Welcome to DLNIA family, where luxury sleep is a guarantee, and the path to restful nights is effortlessly paved.

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