Dockorio all in one Kitchen Knife Set with Block, 19 PCS High Carbon Review


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knife setknife set


We focuses on kitchen tools and is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality products, improving your kitchen and letting you enjoy every day in the kitchen.

Bread KnifeBread Knife

Chef KnifeChef Knife

Santoku  KnifeSantoku  Knife

Utility KnifeUtility Knife

Bread Knife

The bread knife can be used to cut all types of bread. From hard to soft crusts, from soft buns to baguettes. A bread knife can also be used to cut pies and cake.And that a bread knife can easily cut through hard vegetables and fruit such as melons, pumpkins and celeriac. Each kitchen needs a good bread knife, and this knife is a great example.

Chef Knife

Classic chef’s knife with dimples, almost anything is possible with this knife.You use a chef’s knife to cut vegetables, meat, fish and fruit. But also finely chopping herbs, crushing pepper corns and peeling cloves of garlic is a piece of cake with this all-rounder. The dimples – little dents on the edge of the blade – create small air pockets that make sure the product does not stick to the knife.

Santoku Knife

The classic Santoku knife with dimples, you use Santoku knife to cut vegetables, meat, and garlic cloves. This knife can do almost anything.

Utility Knife

Utility knife is a true all-rounder.

Whether you want to finely chop herbs, cut vegetables into pieces or clean meat: it is all possible with a utility knife, this all-rounder is actually indispensable in any kitchen.

Steak knife Steak knife




Steak knife

Steak Knife are designed to look great on the table and feel great in the hand. Their ultra-sharp blades can handle anything on your plate, the high quality steel ensures the blades will hold their edge longer. So every time you sit down to the table, you can focus on what matters most – enjoying a meal together.


The shears can be used widely in the household. Our Kitchen Scissors cut through a variety of items such as thicker fish bones, herbs (for example chives), packaging,they are the ultimate kitchen assistant, useful in practically every preparation and presentation task.


Come with the high quality stainless steel blades. It peels consistently, almost effortlessly and require fewer strokes. You also don’t have to worry about wasting food since it takes Off just the right amount of peel. Comfortable handle with convenient hanging loop.


This set of knives included sharpener, which can make the knives durability and keeps them in excellent or sharp at any time.

Pizza Knife   Cheese KnifePizza Knife   Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife Pizza Knife

Pizza Knife

Cutting pizzas is super easy with the Pizza. Thanks to its handle and slightly curved blade, the knife slices smoothly through hard crusts. The pizza knife is non-stick while cutting foods. Also handy for cutting cheese.

Cheese Knife

Soft cheeses like brie or camembert have a soft interior and could easily stick to the knife. To make a cleaner cut and keep the shape of the delicate interior, you can use a cheese knife with a very thin straight blade,which with holes.



How to Clean and Maintain the knives?

a . Please don’t use dish washer, hand wash suggested.

b . Avoid using bleach and polishing dish soap to wash the knife, avoid using metal mesh, sand paper or scratched cloth to clean the knives to leave any scratch on the surface.

c. Clean the knife promptly after each use of the knives and dry it in time, store it on a dry and air circulated area, stay away from direct fire, make sure the surface under the knife stand is flat and firm.

Quality Raw Material AND Sharp Blades – Made from High Carbon Stainless Steel 3CR14 is forged from one solid piece of steel,Processes the steel in a specific way to make sure it has a high hardness of 52°Rockwell. It makes each knife has extremely sharpness, rust-resistance, long-lasting edge, and excellent toughness. The edges of knives are carefully hand sharpened, maintaining the well-balance between achieving ultra thin slices and maximum resilience which is assist chop food.
Hard Ceramic Coated Blades AND Ergonomic Handle – The Hard Ceramic Coated enhances non-stick ability, that food can be washed off easily. It also prevents blunt and rust effectively. Ergonomic handle provides a strong grip to perform delicate work and helps reduce hand fatigue.
Ingenious Appearance AND Design – Kitchen knives set has a unique outlook compared with the other ordinary knives set. The cool black hard ceramic coated blades and the design of wood grain style handles, Looks more delicate and fashionable. It can make simple cooking become a creation of beauty. The Knife Block is easy to store, saving space and showing fashion when using the knife.
Beautiful Packaging AND GREAT Service – Each knife is backed by superior quality assurance and can be purchased with confidence. The knife set comes with a beautifully packaged, and it can be a gift for parents, wives, husbands, friends and family. It can be a gift for wedding, birthday, housewarming, thanksgiving, Halloween. Please inform us if you have any questions about our products, which is convenient to us providing better services for you.

Dockorio all in one Kitchen Knife Set with Block, 19 PCS High Carbon in Details

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