HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr (1F6F4UA)


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4/32 GB Rs. ₹43,999 Available
OS Google Chrome
Display 11.6″ 1366 x 768 Pixels
Processor MediaTek Octa-Core MT8183
Weight 1.07 kg
Colour Black and Gray


HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr (1F6F4UA) – Laptops, Specification & Review

Brand HP
Model 11a-na0010nr (1F6F4UA)
OS Version Google Chrome
OS Architecture 64-bit
Weight 1.07 Kg
Dimension 285 x 192.8 x 16.8 mm
Type LED
Size 11.6 Inches (29.46 cm
Pixel Density 135 PPI
 1366 x 768 Pixels
Features Diagonal, HD Anti-glare, 220 nits, 45% NTSC Display
Processor MediaTek Octa-Core MT8183
Clock-speed up to 2.0 GHz
Graphics Processor MediaTek Integrated Graphics
RAM Speed 3200 Mhz
Memory Slots 1
Memory Layout 1×4 Gigabyte
Capacity 32 GB SSD
Cell 2-cell
Type Li-Po
Power Supply 45 W AC Adapter W
WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth ✅ V4.2
USB 3.0 slots 1
SD Card Reader ✅
Headphone Jack ✅
Microphone Jack ✅
Web-cam ✅
Video Recording 720p HD
Speakers Built-in Speaker
In-built Microphone ✅
Microphone Type Integrated Dual Array Digital Microphone
Optical Drive ✖
Pointing Device Touchpad with Multi-Touch Gestures Enabled
Keyboard Standard Notebook Keyboard
Backlit Keyboard ✖
Fingerprint Scanner ✖
Price $ 590.00 / ₹ 43,999.00
Warranty  1 Year
Sales Package Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide

HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr (1F6F4UA) – Laptops, Specifications & Review

HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr laptop operating system version and architecture are Windows 10 and 64 bit. This laptop’s dimension is 285 x 192.8 x 16.8 mm and its weight is 1.07 kg.

HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr laptops display type is LED and its size is perfect. The size of the laptop is 11.6 inches. This laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen. Its resolution is 1366 x 768 Pixels. The Features of the display are Diagonal, HD Anti-glare, 220 nits, 45% NTSC Display.

HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr processor is MediaTek Octa Core MT8183 and its clock speed is up to 2.0 GHz. The Graphics Processor of the laptop is MediaTek Integrated Graphics.

Memory/Storage capacity is the main thing for all kinds of smart devices. Because it’s the Question of your device’s performance. This laptop has 4 GB LPDDR4X RAM and 32 GB SSD. The speed of the RAM is 3200 Mhz.

HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr has a 2-cell Li-ion battery. On the other things, Web-cam is available on this laptop. Its video recording capability is 720p HD.

The other features of this laptop include a WLAN, Bluetooth, SD Card Reader, Headphone Jack, Microphone Jack, and others. You can view it on the hp official website.

HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr Rating – 7.3


HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr gets a score of 7.3 out of 10.

79 reviews for HP Chromebook 11a-na0010nr (1F6F4UA)

  1. C. Brown

    This Device Was recieved on Monday March 5,2021, as promised. This new unit, booted up right away after putting in my SSID and Password. A word of advise make sure you use caps when needed. This review is being completed on my new HP Chromebook now seemingly fully functional. Please forgive my spelling errors as this is the first time using this device and the shortcuts, I have yet to learn. The reason this Chomebook is my chorse for now, is that google says all work is in the cloud and therefore reduces viruses, on that we shall see. Another reason is that the battery life is reported as being 13 hours of continuous use, again we shaal see. As of now I have no complaints. However expect an update soon.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a piece of garbage. It keeps shutting down for no apparent reason. You have to perform a “powerwash” which is basically a factory reset. First it happens once in a while and then it increases in frequency to where it shuts down every minute or so.Don’t waste your money in this useless paperweight.

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  3. Jewel Thomas

    I got this computer because my old laptop died. I’m a multi-genre author and freelance journalist in addition to my job as a full time contract appeals writer & analyst- so I spend a LOT of time on a computer. I should have gotten the other computer that I was looking at that included the year’s worth of Office 365. Aside from some major differences in the key board itself, everything defaults to saving on your google drive instead of a hard drive, and having automatic security updates. I liked being able to add apps like my phone does, however it doesn’t seem that the Microsoft Word is as robust as the regular Word that I had on my other computer , such as the Thesaurus! There are apps in the Google store that you can download for editing, which I’m trying out now. Not having a regular menu to find your apps/programs as well is a bit labor intensive as well. So far, it has done alright as far as response time when viewing videos, etc. All in all, it’s like having your phone as your computer —- good in some respects, not good in others.

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  4. CJJones

    We bought this little gem in July, by August 20 or so it had stopped turning on. This isn’t our first Hp or other laptop–like most Americans we have several, but this is the most AWFUL, the most WORTHLESS, the most FRUSTRATING laptop we have ever bought.First, you can forget printing. You cannot print from Chromebook. No printing.Second, it stopped powering on. At all. No power. We followed all the suggested fixes and nothing. Dead as a doornail.Third, since it was just over a month since we had bought it, Amazon does not offer returns or refunds. And good luck reaching any kind of tech or phone support. What a joke, we called and got no answer. We opened support chat and got no response other than repeated error messages.So we strongly recommend: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

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  5. rubberducky

    Had this laptop for 6 months. I had a samsung chromebook before this. I never had WiFi issues with my last chromebook, but this one crashes everyday. Sometimes I can’t be on zoom with video, a lot of times I can’t stream movies smoothly, other times I can’t even have multiple tabs open. It’s so frustrating for working at home.

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  6. Sheena Thomas

    New HP Chromebooks crash our internet. Received replacement, crashed the internet. Do research first before buying.

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  7. Laila

    Works great 😊

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  8. Debbie

    So this happened today when I opened and was setting up the computer, I did nothing when this popped up with an screeching alarm. I’m not happy.

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  9. J.T.

    IF this will stay connected to your WiFi network you will have a chromebook with high-end features like full HD screen, a truly awesome backlit keyboard, and decent top-firing speakers for a great price. But if you boot it up and it keeps dropping off your network or, like mine, continually crashes your whole network router, DON’T waste a lot of time trying to figure it out. I tried for days and had a computer guy try to help, even returned the first one and tried a second one thinking I just got a lemon, but we got nowhere. The eye opener was when I dropped off the return at the retail drop off point they said “Wow, we’ve gotten 5 other ones like this back just today, they must have a problem.” I would have to agree. Roll the dice and try your luck…

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  10. Dylan Adams

    as a 19 year old who works full time and is almost completely financially dependent on myself, this laptop was a god send in terms of price.i thoroughly looked into handfuls of laptops before i bought this one.the laptop came 2 days earlier than expected, and the quality of the laptop far exceeds what i was hoping it would’ve turned out to be. it is not the most high end laptop, but it’s sleek, has a durable keyboard, really good keyboard clicks, the backlight on the keyboard is exceptional, and the functionality is good.the aesthetic display is pleasing to me. i don’t even mind the 780p resolution.and for anyone who has read the reviews and is hesitant to buy this laptop due to reading that it has a hard time connecting to wifi- the first thing i did when opening the laptop was connecting to wifi and it took one second to do so. so go nuts!100% give this laptop 5 stars, especially for the quality you get for the low price.

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  11. Diego Henriquez

    I want to get one thing out of the way and it is the horrible screen this chromebook has. Their HD SVA screen they advertise is so not what they claim it is.. I’m not even sure if its truly an HP product because I seriously couldn’t get a decent viewing angle from the screen whatsoever. Unless it was perfectly centered without moving in the slightest, or if it was tilted all the way back good luck trying to comfortably watch anything with its washed out colors and horrible viewing angles. I really tried to like the chromebook for what it had, the speakers were great, backlit keyboard for something in the mid $200 range? Cool! But please HP, work on the screen. If you are considering getting this, I’d say look for something better for 100-200 more.

  12. Mia

    I’ve never had a Chromebook before. I’m still learning how to use it. So far everything I see about it is great. I haven’t figured out if there’s a touch screen or not but the screen qualities beautiful and the battery life lasts very long.

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  13. Brent Cramer

    Absolutely hate this piece of garbage. Ready to throw against a cement wall. Leave it to google to complicate everything and try to control everything you do. I bought for editing photos. Dont see where it is any of googles business what I do. You have to use their programs, and have never seen worse graphics. Google needs to get a clue.

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  14. Angie Penwell

    I got this for my 8 year old daughter for school work but until school starts she has been playing games. It works so good and it was a great price!

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  15. Terry Ray

    I hadn’t had a laptop to use for a couple of years after my old HP bit the dust; I’ve been using a Kindle Fire tablet. I saw this was a Chrome book and made by HP, so I decided to give it a try. I have used the Windows 10 OS at the library but it was clunky and hard to use. After I got this set up and signed in, I was very pleased to find that not only were my favorites from the Chrome browser I used at the library.It took me awhile to get used to the keyboard again, which is lighted and has comfortable keys, and some of the shortcuts had to be learned, but all in all, it’s a good keyboard. I was able to pair a wireless mouse to it and I was off and running! Now I just have to get used to having no CD or DVD drive.The screen has a nice resolution and when I tested it using Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, I found the picture and sound very nice. I also use Roku for my television and apparently (haven’t tried it yet) I will be able to share with it. I still use my Kindle Fire and absolutely love it, but it can’t support some of the games and pages I like so well.

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  16. Guitar Guy

    This thing crashed my home internet every time I tried connecting it to my wifi. Upon further research, it turns out these HP Chromebooks are notorious for crashing your home internet and not being able to establish a stable connection with your WiFi. I wish I had done more research prior to purchasing this model. Learn from my mistake!

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  17. willow

    There have been many negative reviews about the WiFi setup. The directions clearly ask you to setup the WiFi before logging in. Browse as Guest if you have already logged in.The screen looks sharp. Nice full size keyboard. Good deal for $200.

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  18. Megan Campbell

    My issues with this Chromebook are my own fault, but I will put them out there for other not-so-tech savvy people such as myself. A chromebook is NOT the same as a laptop. It is essentially a glorified cell phone, except my cell phone can actually run programs and not crash every five minutes. I have been trying to type a document in Word and can’t make it longer than five minutes without the entire thing crashing. Since I bought this for school, not being able to complete basic homework assignments is an issue.I also did not realize (again, I’m not tech savvy) that Chromebooks run on a Chrome OS. This means that most programs, downloads, games, and so on do not work because they require either a Windows OS or a Mac OS, and this chromebook is neither.I can usually connect to the internet just fine, and it works well to watch youtube, netflix and so on, but this Chromebook is good for little else. I’m not able to return it, since it’s been used, so I’m selling it to a friend at a loss and buying a Windows laptop.If the Chromebook worked well for you and you liked it, congratulations. But if you are looking for something with which to play games, type documents, or run any type of programs besides the internet/Google, then I would look elsewhere. Had I known/realized what this was, I never would have wasted the money. The product came to me in good condition, however, and it was easy/fast to set up and start using, so that is a plus. I’m just disappointed to be out the money, and frustrated at my school assignments being late because I can’t get basic word documents to function, hence the low rating.

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  19. Natalya Birnstihl

    Very fast delivery. Good laptop for a great price. I work from home, and it gets the job done. Important to know, It has only one USB port. The headphones compatible with this laptop are the same as for smartphones. Or USB compatible, but then you should use wireless mouse.

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  20. Joy The Toy Lover

    Hard to find a quality computer for under $200 but this one is an awesome deal for a great computer. Slim, lightweight, and nice looking. Speed is good, no problems whatsoever. I would buy them for my entire family.

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  21. Sarah S

    Really easy to setup. My 14 year old son did it. Very nice looking. Sleek graphics. The white is easily scratched, but I don’t care. Definitely a steal for the price

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  22. Niki Leonard

    This is not a touchscreen but it was perfect for my mom who just wants it for Facebook and Amazon.

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  23. Gary Owen

    This is my second Chromebook. My last was a similar 14inch HP. I did not know that all my tabs data and settings and I think even passwords and such from mu last one were just there .Being an older user and not too IT savvy this was important to me. I’ll never get another PC. Only possible negative – I don’t think the battery lasts quite as long as my last one. I never recommend any products to friends but I would recommend this.

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  24. TheBest85

    Most annoying is the poor Wifi connection, it drops a few times a day requiring a restart. The speakers don’t sound good, the display is dull, and the chassis is flimsy. It bends very easily when holding it or using it on your lap, which causes the mouse pad to click the right button, either selecting whatever the cursor is on or not allowing you to click on anything else.

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  25. Joseph

    Some applications stink. Microsoft word isn’t the same program as on regular laptop.It’s basically an iPad as a computer but not Apple

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  26. Ian C

    I took a chance on this because it has a lot of nice features and specs and is a reputable brand. This thing really works great for the two or three minutes it actually stays connected to the wifi. I’m really disappointed I wasted a whole day trying to get this to work. I’m returning this and will go for another Acer which is what I’ve been using the past 4 years and still going strong.

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  27. Kitten

    The reviews are true. This computer crashes the whole house’s internet, every single time I try to use it. Then when it finally connects it only lasts a matter of seconds before crashing again, on and off continuously. It’s horrible. Contacted my internet provider thinking it was something on their part, nope, it’s the computer.Would not recommend buying until they get this computer working correctly ….as it should be.Highly disappointed as I needed to use this computer for school.

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  28. Kendra

    I did not have a touchscreen on mines but I do have the camera I actually wanted a touchscreen but no camera and I actually got the camera instead but the color the weight I mean I love it but I wish they gave me the one with the touchscreen because that’s what I thought I was getting other than that everything runs pretty smooth and looks great I do recommend this product and it was affordable for me at the time I needed it for NOW I want another laptop but maybe apple chromebook is just fine but I want to try something else to see what feel I have for other brands oh I couldn’t find a label printer that is capable with this so I bought a regular printer and use that instead that’s my only reason why I choose to get another laptop with a different brand

  29. Stacy

    I was a little skeptical to get this after seeing some of the bad reviews, but I haven’t had any issues! It was an extremely easy set up that took a matter of minutes and it instantly connected to my WiFi. Would highly recommend this laptop Also the battery life is great and I can confirm the speedy recharge time.

  30. Crystal

    This booted up fine, connected to internet fine, but then would drop connection every 5 minutes or so. I have about 20 other devices on my home wireless, with 500mb connectivity that DOES NOT DROP for any other device on my network. I found a bunch of reviews from other people with the same problem, and they were never able to get it solved with troublshooting. I did try power-wiping and that didn’t fix it either. It is a chromebook so I dont expect to have to spend hours working with customer service to try to fix it. Chromebooks should just boot up and go, and the other 4 I have did and work just fine without interruptions. Returning though with no hassles from Amazon at least.

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  31. Jero

    I use this for email, web, youtube HD, google drive, and viewing/editing documents. This is the best laptop for only $230. It even has a backlit keyboard that feels good to type on. It’s a chromebook so its somewhat limiting but not really. People say you can print from it but that is false. Your printer has to be on the same wifi and it will pick it up and print. It’s fast enough for me to use the web and watch youtube at 1080p. Battery life is pretty good. I get around 10 hours of use. One underrated ability about google and chromebooks is that you can play stadia if you have good internet. I can hook up my xbox controller, boot up stadia on chrome, and play the biggest titles without having to spend money on a gaming PC. Other than that, it is not a gaming machine by any means.

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  32. C D

    Purchased as a new model for my mother in-law. Who isn’t very computer literate. Love the added safety chomebooks provides and ease of use.She was amazed by the screen size and speed.

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  33. Dayon Jones

    Great laptop it’s not a super thick laptop but who wants big thick laptop lol but overall built great battery life amazing and don’t listen to the false reviews this amazing product I buy stuff from amazon and never had complaint so if your looking for a cheap good looking laptop with amazing battery life this is the one!!!

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  34. Megan

    I wish i would have done more research on Chromebook than just the amazon reviews. I was not thrilled to hear the inability to install Microsoft 365 on this laptop. But for what it is and the price, its not half bad. The battery does last for a long time, the screen quality is pretty good, and wifi was easy to set up. Once i found my way around the operating system, this laptop is passable for menial tasks like browsing, zoom, and using google docs. I would not recommend for anyone with serious work to do or outside programs to be installed. I am planning on passing this to my 9 year old once I get a more grown up laptop.

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  35. BAH

    For my first Chromebook, I wanted either an HP or Samsung, and I went with the HP based on the lower price and the edge-out in positive reviews (and so here’s one more). It’s a very sturdy but light, well-build machine. The display is a little washed-out compared to my Alienware PC, but for 10x less the price, you can’t expect premium video resolution.Update: No complaint against this machine, but after using the Chromebook OS, I’ve decided I hate it. It’s even more restrictive and controlling of your personal data than a Windows PC, which I didn’t think was possible. I’m glad the price of this was so cheap, because I’m going to give it away and buy a similar size cheap HP PC instead, for light computing and internet usage.

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  36. The fam

    I was so worried about buying a laptop off of Amazon, just because I like to see what I am purchasing. Especially when it comes to pricey items, but I am so glad that I made this purchase! Set up was super easy (including the wifi portion). This laptop is fast, easy to use, and the battery life is something else! The battery life is AWESOME. I have had this laptop for almost 2 weeks now, and I only put it on charge at the very beginning. I used it for a good while, then I put it in rest mode for like 3 days, I went back on expecting it to be almost dead, but NOPE. I am still using it to type this review on a single charge. At this moment it still says I have 22% left! Great purchase!

  37. Shannon

    Works well thus far. The sound quality is great and the picture display is also! I gave it 3 stars because I don’t really like the functionality of the mouse…it takes several strokes to navigate in certain apps (Yahoo Mail, Zillow, Facebook), and maybe I just have to get acclimated to a Chromebook vs an actual full functioning laptop. Overall a good gadget to use when my eyes are tired of the small screen on my phone.

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  38. KP

    Pros: Nice build and feel, great speakers, simple setup, great valueCons: Within a few minutes of connecting to my wifi, it killed the internet connections to all other devices including its own connection. We have a rather common modem/router, the Arris panoramic models you get on rental from Comcast or Cox, in the west.After working with Amazon and then HP support, it became evident the issue is a modem driver within the computer needing to be updated. HP support claimed it was a known issue with my router/modem — yet they didn’t troubleshoot it and didn’t ask which manufacturer/model device I had. In theory, the problem (a driver) is fixable….. if you can get the driver downloaded and added to the computer. In this case, this chromebook does not have an ethernet port — so there’s no actual way to install the driver and address the problem without loading it on a USB drive, downloaded from another computer, or sending in the computer for repair.Summary: You may have a modem or router that doesn’t conflict or have a driver issue and be perfectly fine. I wasn’t able to experience much beyond the handful of minutes it would be connected. However, there’s no way to know in advance if you will encounter this problem or not. If you’re willing to risk it and have the time to a) work with support or find/load the driver yourself, and/or b) return the device (stick to the 30 day window), then proceed with caution. Otherwise, I recommend passing on this and going with something else.For reference, in our situation we ended up going with a Lenovo C340 Chromebook for just a little bit more money with a better processor, more RAM, bigger screen (a flipable touchscreen). My router/model and internet connection have been fine with the Lenovo.

  39. Hailey

    Very nicely packed and shipped promptly. Computer was new and never before opened. Very nice quality chrome book.

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  40. Anonymous

    I think that this is a great computer, the battery life is pretty long and it charges super quick. The only complaint I have with this laptop is that it only has 1 USB port. So if you are some who needs a lot of things plugged into the computer via USB I would consider another option. It has decent camera quality and a good screen size its definitely good for a teen who is still doing remote learning.

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  41. Amazon Customer

    Many reviews talk about wifi problems and setup problemsI read the instructionsFollowed the instructionsAnd…it workedMy only issue, but its with every notebook etc. I do not like touchpads. Every one, every brand is garbage. There is no substitute for a scrolling mouse, though i know you cant use one on your lap.Bought a new mouse as soon as i got this.

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  42. IcyViolet

    I was a little scared about getting this due to a few reviews I had seen before I purchased. I thought I would give it a try anyways and I am glad that I did. It started up within less than 10 minutes. I had no problem connecting to WiFi. I love that backlight which you can dim or brighten. There are many things that I like about this laptop and I would recommend others if you are looking for something that you can write with, this is a pretty good device to do so.

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  43. Daniel

    Excellent appearance and fine functionality. Difficult to set up – have to sign in as a guest, then go into settings, and manually reset time and date before Chromebook will allow you to set up with your wifi. Also, the keyboard backlighting is very weak and can’t get Google Play Store to function, which limits your apps to only the Chrome Play Store.

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  44. pfarrar

    Fantastic computer. Connected immediately to the internet. Love the back-lighting featuring. Serves all my needs…waiting to see if it will handle online teaching if it happens in the fall. Just wished the USPS guy handled the package a little more carefully – I heard him throw – yes throw – it on the porch! Maybe Fragile needs to be on the outside of the box?

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  45. Chantel

    Just received the Chromebook yesterday and upon set up, I was having connection issues. We use xfinity internet which is typically pretty good besides local outages. When connecting to the internet, it’ll stay for a few minutes then lose connection and also makes the entire home internet crash. I even erased it and the connection problem was still there. Besides the connection issue, the Chromebook would have been perfect… I will be returning as soon as I can.

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  46. StarkBrush2

    It’s a Chromebook by HP. Enough said. Really though, buy it! Great for everything you need at home, work or school.

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  47. Ron Goldberg

    The white one has white keys with illuminated light-blue characters which are nearly impossible to read. I immediately returned that one and ordered a silver one with black keys.This is a very nice Chromebook with good-sounding B & O audio. Good performance, runs Android apps, excellent battery life.

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  48. kgdefhhd

    I used a website based documentation system for work so I got an extra laptop so I didn’t have to bring mine back and forth during the week. My only con of this laptop is the screen. It’s too bright and too high contrast that it makes it uncomfortable to look at. I have to have it in night mode to use and still bothers me if I’m using it for over an hour.

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  49. alexander

    is no a computer is machine can used for wed navigate online open file used for school make home work ..remember no for download hard stuff is only 32 gb is like system phone but bid screen w intel inside open like 10 pages same time works faster loved it

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  50. Colleen Marlow

    The device refuses to connect to my wifi network. Wasted several precious days off with the utterly useless social media HP support team trying to troubleshoot to no avail. I tried every chatroom and support site fix and nothing worked. Returning and will buy a different brand chromebook altogether. I’ve never had a more frustrating experience.

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  51. Amazon reviewer

    Got this Chromebook a few days ago, took a little for me to get it connected to the wifi, but easily fixed it by signing into guest then connecting to the wifi, then completing the setup process. Amazingly fast and durable, fast shipping, and I love the backlit keyboard. Absolutely would recommend to a friend. Hope this helps 🙂

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  52. ITO

    I bought this for my 9-year old because my MS Surface quit working. We got it SAME DAY delivery, charged it, opened it up, were asked a couple of questions about what type of account it was and wifi password, then she logged into chrome and it fully populated with all her classwork and links. The camera, speakers, keyboard, touchpad screen are flawless. Honestly, this was the best $250 I have spent here on amazon in a long time. It works so well my wife is getting one just for surfing and email, it is pretty handy.

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  53. Christina Mac Donald

    I got this laptop for my kids to use for homeschooling. It is the slowest device in the whole house, even out of the box. I am typing a review on my daughters laptop because the one I am reviewing is soooo slow. I also thought having the speakers on the pad by the keyboard would be better but the sound is horrible. I am very disappointed in this purchase and I hope to replace it with something better.

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  54. Interact

    Works well. Haven’t quite mastered the back-lit keyboard settings yet – seem to have it in a “manual on-off” mode at the moment, where it originally was set to automatically turn on when tapping the keyboard. Other than that, no issues and fast enough for video/web-based multimedia.

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  55. S Mooney

    Easy setup! I am not tech savvy at all. It was extremely easy to set this up and install the apps I need to work from home. I was leery of setting up based on the comments of other reviews stating how hard it was to connect to Wifi. I had no problems whatsoever! Highly recommend this chromebook!

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  56. Vince

    Simple review for me: I thought I was going to be able to get the “zoom” app. After setting everything up and then trying to download the app, I’m told it is not offered on this product.

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  57. Steph_Mia_Ally

    Needed a new laptop for work. Nothing insane, just something that I could simply use to download/upload zip files and photos and most of my web-based work. This does exactly that. I’m not a techy person, just a regular mom who needed a laptop. Its very easy to use, no issues connecting and very light – I throw it in my purse. Its great.

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  58. Dianne Barnett

    It does have a couple of issues. The biggest one was that some genius thought it was stylish to make the keyboard with silver symbols. Just great for when you are operating under anything but perfect lighting conditions. So I had to buy stickers to put on the keys so I could see them. Not all fit, and they were ridiculously over-priced, but now I can see the keys in bright or dim lighting. Also, I find the cursor a bit hard to see when it is over anything but a white background. Picture is with the stickers I had to buy.

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  59. Marshay

    I would not recommend this laptop for one this laptop took forever to turn on second this laptop would not connect to my Wi-Fi at all the packaging was very poorly put together especially since this product is sold by the HP store directly. my expectations for this product were higher I have purchased multiple laptops over the years and not a single one has came package this way. this computer did not come with any type of manual or guide on how to use it so if you are not familiar with a computer or do not know how to work it this is not a great choice. The laptop power cable is a C type charger so it is not like your standard or older charger type. I will be returning this package as soon as possible. I hope this review helps you with your decision on whether you want to buy or you don’t want to buy if you needed any information on that.

  60. Susan McKenzie

    Son using this for online learning during Covid. Great device, easy to use. Definitely gets the job done

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  61. Brian B.

    I specifically ordered this model (14a-na0050nr) because it is supposed to have a backlit keyboard. It does not!!! I’ve been shipped the 14a-na0061dx TWICE, once with a modified model number sticker on the box (see picture). I am beyond upset.

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  62. Danielle

    I ordered two of this Chromebook for my 3rd and 4th graders to do distance learning this year. This is our first experience with Chrome OS. After I had a couple of weeks to get to know chrome OS and having that figured out, I am really impressed with these Chromebooks. This review is on the product and not the OS, the Chromebooks as more than capable of operating the system. I do not feel that the hardware impedes the software. These are light and the battery lasts a lot longer than expected but I think that is based on Chrome OS is a light OS to run. The only downside is that it is not a touchscreen which I knew when purchasing. I would highly recommend getting a wireless mouse which makes things easier. I would still recommend this to any student or parent for school work.

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    I was hesitant to buy this (my first ever Chromebook) due to the range of Chromebook prices being so expansive. However, I bought it at $250 to mainly use by myself and my wife as an ‘armchair’ media consumption device. I watch a lot of YouTube on it and do general web surfing with it. My wife uses it for web surfing, creating curbside pickup grocery orders, shopping Amazon and emails. . It’s perhaps the best computer purchase I’ve ever done. The screen is very sharp and clear, the backlit keyboard is super nice, it’s reasonably thin, has great battery life, resumes from sleep quickly, and the speakers are decently loud and clear. I’m 150% happy with my purchase but will definitely come back and update my review should things change.

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  64. Amazon Customer

    I just got this laptop yesterday so I can not judge the battery life. This laptop is NOT touch screen and it states that in the description.I really like this laptop! So far so good. It was more than what I expected so I really can’t complain. It will serve its purpose. I enjoy the ability to be able to download apps. That is a plus for me. I really don’t have any negatives as of right now. I actually plan on buying 2 more of these for my children doing virtual school.

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  65. Sung Lee

    Don’t waste your money on the Chromebook if you plan on using it heavily for school or work. You’re much better off with a laptop that performs like a desktop. This is essentially a glorified cheap tablet made to compete with laptops, which is does poorly. It was completely useless for my needs and I guess I got what I paid for. I will be selling mine at a loss.

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  66. Ronnie McQueen

    This HP 14-inch Chromebook is excellent. The setup is simple, it stepped me all the way through the process. The battery life is unbelievably strong. Very convenient to not have to deal with OS and antivirus upgrades since they happen automatically. I use this computer for personal home purposes and I couldn’t ask for anything more simple and satisfying to use.

  67. Cheryl Nunn

    This is the first product I’ve had to return on Amazon in 8 years! Even fully charged, even with the charge cord still attached, it lights on entry at charge cord, but keyboard ON button will not turn the computer on! So frustrating, I got the computer for my 10-year-old to do home school, it really has caused us to miss the last week! I thought HP’s were a good product no more. I read tons of reviews to decide to order it. Now I need to find another one.

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  68. Seven Good Dogs

    This is a complete waste of money. I can’t log in. I can’t connect to wifi. I can’t do anything with this piece of crap. Do not buy this. Absolutely ridiculous. Biggest waste of time and money.

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  69. Holly King

    I’ve been wanting a new laptop for awhile now and this one is great. It’s nice and thin and smooth operating system. It goes fast and the screen quality is perfect. I noticed it asked me to review the touch screen quality and I don’t believe this laptop has touch screen? If it does I haven’t figured out how to turn it on yet and I’ve searched through all of the settings. but I don’t mind if it doesn’t have touch screen I actually prefer it not to. If I wanted a tablet I would have gotten one, but I wanta laptop. And to me laptops shouldn’t be touch screen

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  70. Alpha Bey

    I absolutely love this laptop, the only negative is it has a Google OS, which I didn’t know existed. I use windows for business so that is a drawback. I was advised to exchange this computer, but the fact that its compatible with my graphics programs and most android apps, it’s a keeper. I will just purchase another windows laptop. It only has one usb outlet, which was remedied with a USB port. My absolute favorite part is the lighted keyboard. This is a great accent for a youtuber in progress like myself. Alphaberry Xtraordinary

  71. A

    Terrible screen. Not sharp at all. Can’t believe this is an “HD” screen. Has glare from almost all angles. I have a Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2015) with a far superior screen, cost me about $325 5 years ago. I can’t believe that 5 years later, this HP Chromebook has such a poor screen.The item also has scratches in two areas in the plastic around the keyboard. Either sloppy assembly at the factory or it wasn’t new. Hmm.

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  72. papasteve

    It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. When activating this computer I had trouble because my internet kept shutting down. Thought it was a comcast problem because where I sit I can see the modem as it lose connection. All other items on line also lost connection both wifi and ethernet. Once I figured out it only happened when my new HP chromecast computer was on line I tried every resorce to solve the problem. I have never heard of anything like this and can’t figure out how it can cause it. Nothing worked so I’m sending it back. Too bad, I like the size, weight, screen and the chromecast operating system.

  73. PUBG

    As the price tag indicates, you cannot expect this laptop to work on heavy-duty applications or gaming. It is only applicable to convenient applications such as travel or light-duty business work. The product configuration is on the low side level in my opinion but you get what you paid for.

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  74. Howard J. Kaye

    If you don’t mind Google knowing all of your search results then this product is fine. I like my privicy, so I’m returning it for a regular laptop.Another issue that made my decision to return it was that I could not put my Kindle Reader on this machine. You are restricted to whatever Google says you can download.Big brother is watching!6-6 Update – I went through Yahoo then Bing then went to the Kindle Reader App that was from the UK and was able to download Kindle Reader. It now works!

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  75. lawdawg

    This is my first Chromebook. I’ve always had Windows machines in the past and still use a Lenovo T480s for work, but I’m impressed with this HP Chromebook. It’s intuitive and the interface isn’t busy with apps. It’s light and for browsing, it’s quite fast. I’ve only had it for a week, so I still haven’t experienced an update. Updates are something I dread with Windows. The Chrome browser seems to work better than Edge with most websites.

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  76. abby

    This is working great for my kids cyber schools. They are able to access and do everything that has been asked of them. This is so much better than the iPad that they would have been assigned from school.It’s pretty simple to use. Battery lasts all day (but we keep them plugged in.) I’m glad we didn’t go with touchscreen. The kids are learning to type and I couldn’t be happier.

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  77. Tiffany

    On the surface this laptop is sleek, lightweight, the keyboard lights up and is generally very nice!But don’t be fooled.I have had this computer for a couple of days and can confirm that the computer does indeed crash your home internet. I didn’t think this was possible so I went ahead with my purchase but, it is indeed a possibility. Every 5-10 minutes the internet crashes and takes a few minutes to come back.This computer also does not support Citrix receiver which I need for work. That paired with the internet issue, this is not ideal for work from home settings.

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  78. Tasha Spitzmiller

    This WAS a 5 star purchase. After just 5 months of ownership and maybe 20 uses, it won’t even turn on. After use I’ve kept it in a padded case and charged consistently. It’s externally perfect. There is no rhyme or reason why it has stopped working. I e used the power cord to charge a tablet so I know it isn’t the power cord. I’ve emailed this seller & Amazon twice asking for help or a replacement or refund, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE has been given to me! $200 might not mean much to big corpo but that was MY hard earned $200 that I clearly wasted. If the seller/Amazon would simply replace my chrome book I would be a happy customer & redact this review.

  79. Brian B.

    I love it. Touchscreen and a backlit keyboard for a great price. I had major issues with a third party seller (they sent me the wrong model number twice!), so stick with “Sold by Amazon.”

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