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Better huusk knives make life easier and more enjoyable!

Brisket Trimming Knife

Huusk Chef Knives Collection

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Make your cooking more fun by getting the Huusk kitchen knife.

HUUSK Hand Forged Knife

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Founded in 1994, Huusk is committed to creating sharp, durable and ergonomic kitchen knives.

In 2009, we opened factories in East Asian countries and began selling worldwide.

We will continue to make innovations, improve ourselves and strive to provide customers with better huusk knives and better services.

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Huusk Chef Knives

A wonderful amalgamation of traditional and hand-manufacturing techniques.

Do You Need Huusk Knives?

Are you sick of using dull knives all the time and can’t find the sharp one? Huusk kitchen knives are more reliable than most knives. We are saying this because of the premium carbon steel, oak wood handle, and samurai-inspired design.

What makes Huusk knife unique?

Each huusk chef knife is beautiful and unique, handcrafted using a 138-step design and sharpened manually by blacksmiths.

Why choose Huusk Knives?

It is a perfect amalgamation of traditional and up-to-date handcrafted manufacturing techniques. Whether you have raw meat or firm veggies, rest your finger over the blade and smoothly chop everything. Thus, you can prepare eclectic dishes with comfort and ease.

Sturdy Design–Huusk meat cleaver is made of premium Japanese steel, and rated at 58±2HRC for extreme edge retention. Crafted differently than a traditional Western-style kitchen knife, the most noticeable feature is the outrageous thickness of the blade! Because of that thickness, the blade can be stronger and less likely to break.
Ergonomic Oak Wood Handle–Huusk forged knife has a solid, sturdy oak handle to securely hold the blade. The handle arc is uniquely designed to tuck into your palm, giving you a firm grasp. Each Huusk Japanese knife is extensively weight tested, allowing you to slice with perfect control. By no means fatigue due to extended use prompted to the palm or wrist.
Versatile Camping Kitchen Knife–This multi-purpose meat cleaver butcher knife can take care of a variety of tasks, such as slicing, cutting, and mincing vegetables and meat. And come with an exquisite gift box, our Huusk knives are also the perfect gift for family and friends at Christmas, weddings, birthdays.
HUUSK GUARANTEE–HUUSK is a well-established company and each sharp Huusk chef knife goes through a rigorous test before every shipment. Our goal is to give our customers a satisfying shopping experience. If you find any please contact us immediately by email. THIS IS A LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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