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Four layers of fabric technology, two layer surface are 100% cotton fabrics close to skin without irritation and strong down-proof; inside two layers are 100% polyester fabrics, good down-proof; Four layer fabrics can completely avoid the tingling sensation.



90% grey goose feather and 10% grey goose down; filler is naturally captured, It can absorb moisture, breathable and fluffy, protect cervical vertebra, improve sleep. Four seasons all appropriate.



Double edges sewing design can better prevent feather run out from the fabric. 1 inch 14 needle is far more than the international standard 1 inch 10 needle. It’s more beautiful and better down-proof effect.


Four Layers Fabric


Natural Filling


Sewing Design

How to Fluff a Down Feather Pillow in the Dryer





Place two pillows in the dryer on opposite sides of the drum.

Optional: use dryer balls or clean tennis balls to speed up the process.

Start dryer on a low hest setting

Repeat process until pillows are fully dry


Bed Pillow Pillow Inserts

Cover Material
100% Cotton 100% Cotton

Filling Material
10% Duck Down and 90% Duck Feather 5% Down and 95% Feather

PILLOW DATE:Measuring 20″ X 28″, it’s the perfect size for your bed,Designed for your comfort all year round.. With a fill weight of 37OZ, our pillow provides superior comfort and support, exceeding the fill weight of 90% of similar products on the market. Upgrade your sleep experience
HIGH QUALITY FILLING: Our down feather pillows are filled with a high-quality blend of 90% goose feathers and 10% goose down, which is a significant improvement compared to the mainstream down pillows on the market that are often filled with 5% or less down. These comfortable, dry, and breathable pillows are the perfect choice for anyone suffering from backaches or insomnia, and they make the perfect sleeping partner.
HIGH QUALITY DOUBLE-LAYER DEAIGN: Our pillow use a double-layer down-proof design with two types of fabric to prevent feathers and down from poking through, giving you a perfect night’s sleep. The top layer is made of selected natural undyed 100% cotton cover, which is gentle to your skin and breathable. The high-density cotton fabric is super soft and treated with certified ultra-fresh protection for added peace of mind.
HAPPY PURCHASE: Upgrade your sleep quality with our home down pillows! Enjoy a 90-day trial period and hassle-free returns. We guarantee the best price in the market. Don’t wait, try it now!

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