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When you sleep better, you feel better. Layla Mattresses are designed to bring out the best in all of us. Copper-infused, flippable (a soft and firm side!), better. Plus, we believe sleep is a whole experience – so we’ve created sleep accessories to complete your perfect sleep setup. Breathable, luxurious, cooling. Get the best sleep of your life. Guaranteed.

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What makes our products unique?

Layla products are cooler, cleaner, and more supportive, giving you the best sleep. Some say life-changing. See the difference in your day.

Why do we love what we do?

Better sleep means a better you. We get that, our products give you the best sleep so you can be the best you during the day. That’s what drives us.

What problem are we solving?

You can’t be the best you without getting a good night’s sleep. That’s where we come in. Our products can give you the best days of your life, by giving you the best sleep of your life.

100% Natural Fill: Kapok fill is made from fibers found in the seed pods of Kapok Trees. We use Kapok because it’s fluffy and all-natural. We also love that it’s free from the pesticides and other nasty chemicals typically used in mass crop production.
Adjustable Comfort: Our Layla Sleep Pillow is made to accommodate all types of sleepers. Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper our pillow can be adjusted to cradle you to sleep. Ergonomic, supportive shredded memory foam, and Kapok Fibers provide cushion and comfort to your head and neck for a restful sleep. The zipper access gives you your desired firmness. Put restless nights of insomnia behind you with our Layla Sleep Adjustable Pillow.
The Best Comfort: Kapok fibers is like laying down on a plush, airy cloud. With unique thermal properties, silky sheen and natural moisture absorption, kapok fibers have been proven to be softer, lighter and more ventilated that both cotton and wool, so you get a better, longer-lasting loft than you’re used to. Mixed with premium, open cell memory foam, the pillow cradles your head and neck so you wake up feeling refreshed and balanced.

Layla Adjustable Fill Kapok Pillow, Luxury Cooling Pillow, King Size in Details

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