Made for Amazon Remote Plus V2 for Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen). Review


Price: $28.99

PRIVATE LISTENING: Plug headphones into the Remote Plus V2 audio jack to quickly re-direct sound from TV speakers to headphones. Simply unplug headphones to re-direct audio back to TV Speakers.
ALEXA FINDMY INTEGRATION: Alexa FindMy integration helps you find your remote by voice commands. After pairing, just say “Alexa, ring my remote”.
REMOTE FINDER: Find your remote using your compatible iOS or Android device. Initiate beeping and light flashing using the free Third Reality mobile app to help find your lost remote.
BUTTON LIGHT: Use the built-in LED light to help you see remote buttons in dim light.
RECHARGABLE BATTERY: Remote Plus V2 uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for power, which is independent of the 2 AAA batteries within the Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen).
TWO CASES INCLUDED: A red and blue silicone case comes in box with Remote Plus V2. Cases fit Remote Plus V2 attached to Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen).
INCLUDED IN THE BOX: Remote Plus V2, Red and Blue Silicone Case, Quick Start Guide.
Remote Plus V2 will require to use Third Reality APP, not the Remote Plus APP

Made for Amazon Remote Plus V2 for Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen). in Details


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