MSOAT Golf Impact Tape Set 24pcs/120pcs, Self-Teaching Sweet Spot & Review


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MSOAT Golf Impact Tape Set 24pcs/120pcs, Self-Teaching Sweet Spot & in Details

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We are golf lovers. We understand that all golfers know they are never done perfecting their drives, putts, chips, or any other swing in their game. We are committed to creating a range of golf products and accompany you on the journey of improvement.

Our golf trainers are always help you strive for excellence. As Tiger Woods once said, “No matter how good you get, you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part.”

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Improve Your Shot Consistency: If the ball is hit in the sweet spot, it will fly with the best flight curve and reach the best length. Our golf impact stickers pattern accurately shows the percentage of distance loss on shots off the sweet spot, which is useful to help you adjust your swing & posture on each shot.
Useful Swing Training Aid: Each golf impact tape can be used to capture 6-10 impacts in dry weather, which means you can analyse more than 150 golf shots. Enables golfers to get the most out of every practice session by immediately knowing the effect of strike location on every swing. Continual improve your swing accuracy and consistency.
Easy to Apply and Remove: Our golf impact stickers use tear-resistant material and high-quality removable adhesive. It is easy to apply to the club face and will not tear when removed. The club impact stickers will leave no adhesive marks that damage your clubs.
Professional Proportioning : Total 24pcs (18 x for Irons, 4 x for Wood, 2 x for Putters) Golf Impact Stickers. Lightweight package can easily fit into your golf bag, so you’ll always have them at the golf course or driving range. These golf impact tape can be used on driver, irons, wedges and birdies/ hybrids/ putters. You can also share this Golf Impact Tape swing aid with your golf buddies.


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