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Meet the game-changer — Osteo, a brand focused on cervical Spine health! After years of discomfort, you’ve found salvation at last!

Hollow Design Contour Pillows

Magnetic Therapy Neck Relaxer


When Osteo first started, we noticed in today’s fast-paced and stressful world, while juggling work and home, More and more people suffer from chronic neck pain. Moreover, sleep problems caused by unsuited pillows are not rare. It is difficult for most people to choose a pillow that suits them. As founders, we want our customers to get pain-free and high-quality sleep, so for years, we focused our efforts on acquiring it.

Hollow Design Contour Pillows

After five years of our in-house medical advisor research and development, incorporating 5000 customer reviews, and countless iterations, we’ve finally developed an ergonomic pillow that integrated sleep science and cervical therapy.

Magnetic Therapy Neck Relaxer

In according to give a great night of sleep, we also want to help people permanently alleviate chronic neck and back pain.

Leveraging unique ergonomic design, magnetic therapy & massage technology, our relaxer keeps the neck loose, naturally curved & comfortably aligned regardless of your body positioning.

【THE BEST INVESTMENT OF YOUR REST & HEALTH!】 Did you toss and turn all night? Did you wake up with neck cramps or back soreness? The wrong pillow may worsen headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm numbness, notes surgeon Andrew Hecht, MD. Osteo neck pillow provides all of the curves, divots and angles needed to help to relieve pressure which has a more refined thoughtful contour design than others, fits side, back, and stomach sleepers. Choose us, choose better sleep and a healthier future!
【HOT SLEEPERS & ALLERGY SUFFERERS, REJOICE!】Osteo neck support pillow uses 3D mesh fiber pillowcase that allows heat to escape and fresh air to cycle in. You can rest assured that you will own a cooling and sweet dream! If you’re sensitive to smell and want a natural and odorless pillow, Ostoe sutera pillow is the answer! We didn’t take any shortcuts on the quality of our materials. All of our memory foam pillows are CertiPUR-US certified and Oeko-Tex approved, without any harmful substance.
【ADJUSTABLE! ENJOY PERSONALIZED COMFORT FOR YOUR SLEEP STYLE!】 You tried numerous types of pillows to find the right height. You always need to get a new pillow while your sleep needs happen to change. Stop! You can control your pillow height now! Osteo uses two different thicknesses for a custom feel. Simply rotate your bed pillow 180 degrees to enjoy a higher or lower contour! The removable insert at the bottom also provides more height liberty. Make your pillow just right for every night!!
【HASSLE FREE REPLACEMENT AND WARRANTY – NO NEED TO RETURN!】 You spend about one-third of your life sleeping, why not choose a pillow best for your sleep and health. It’s expensive to do cervical rehabilitation by a physical therapist every day, but it’s easy to enjoy pain-relief sleep every night with Osteo contour pillow! We promise our quality products and customer service. If you do not enjoy the product, no matter refund or replace, no question asked, you will get the solution at once!

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