Remix Haymaker Disc Golf Distance Driver Review


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The Haymaker is the over-stable wind fighter you’ve always wanted! Reliably consistent, the Haymaker is the perfect distance driver for experienced players to power on while resisting turnover or a headwind. The Haymaker will also serve as a worthy utility driver for average throwers, good for dependable fade and difficult shot shaping. When you need consistency, reach for a Haymaker!
MYSTERY COLOR: A wide variety of assorted colors that sometimes includes limited run transitional colors
DESIGN: A premium plastic with enhanced durability and awesome colors! Sport plastic balances grip, performance, and durability for a high-performing plastic. A great choice for all discs when durability is paramount. Sport plastic can be transparent, opaque, or metallic!
FUN FOR ALL: From new players to skilled experts, the Haymaker Distance Driver is perfect for all levels of play!
PDGA APPROVED: For all professional disc golf play


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