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Your Mental Mate “SAINT NINE”

As a leader in the new golf culture, Saintnine will grow into a challenging and enterprising brand abroad.

SAINTNINE U-Pro Golf Balls

SAINTNINE Misty Golf Balls

SAINTNINE Upro Tour Golf Balls

[A Combination of Science and Psychology, MENTAL MATE]: St. Nine’s golf balls are applied with “golf psychology,” which is considered and studied by only St. Nine, beyond the “golf science” that all golf equipment makers are studying. Each color dozen comes with 12 of the same Mental Mate (Example: ALL red-colored Misty golf balls feature the Camel)
[DIFFERENCE]: DIMPLE – 332 dimple construction for ideal flight stability and Air Resistance, CORE – High energy performance Nex-Gen core 90 compression core, CONSTRUCTION – The only 2-piece premium Urethane ball with Incredible Feel.
[PERFORMANCE]: The Saintnine U PRO is a great ball from tee-to-green. Golfers of all levels will easily generate distance with a high trajectory ball flight without sacrificing feel and spin – no matter what the conditions.
[PLAYR PROFILE]: Designed for golfers of all skill sets who want to maximize performance. The Urethane cover creates a premium feel and spin control. Constructed to create maximum distance to spin ratio.


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