ToVii 200Pcs ~300Pcs Golf Impact Tape Set, Self-Teaching Sweet Spot Review


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ToVii 200Pcs ~300Pcs Golf Impact Tape Set, Self-Teaching Sweet Spot in Details

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ToVii Golf Impact Tape Set

golf impact tapegolf impact tape

ToVii Golf Impact Tape Set:Essential golf training aid that works for everybody

Golfing can be a lot easier and fun whether you are beginner, enthusiast, or golf professional with the ToVii Golf Impact Tape. It feels like having a trainer at your side, but more low maintenance compared to having a physical trainer.

1. This ToVii gold tape has a total of 200 (100 drivers, 100 iron) stickers that are easy to apply, easy to remove, and leaves no glue adhesive residue that can damage the clubs. It does not damage the striking surface of the golf club, and the high-quality adhesive will not peel off, and will not affect the feel of the stroke during use and each label will last for 6-10 golf shots in dry weather.

2. The tape records the exact point of contact between the golf ball and the club face. The sheets are white, and it turns blue when it meets the ball. This will definitely help improve your ball striking skills as it allows you to make adjustments to your swing to help ensure consistency and to analyse your shot pattern after each shot.

3. With the reinforced paper material, this allows the impact tape to be applied and removed from the club without tearing. I can say that this is a must have training aid for those having a hard time with aiming at the right position, swing and angle while playing golf.

All in all, this is a useful self-teaching tape set for fellow golfers out there to help improve your skills for a reasonable cost.

golf impact tapegolf impact tape

golf impact tapegolf impact tape

golf impact tapegolf impact tape

【A Useful Swing Training Aid 】:Each label can be used to capture 6-10 impacts in dry weather, which means you can analyse more than 1800 golf shots.Enables golfers to get the most out of every practice session by immediately knowing the effect of strike location on every swing.
【Improve Your Shot Consistancy】:If there is a mark perfectly on the sweet spot, ball will fly with the best flight curve and reach the best length. Our golf sticker pattern accurately shows the percentage of distance loss on shots off the sweet spot, which is useful to help you timely adjust your swing and your posture on each shot.Continual improve your swing accuracy and consistancy.
【Easy To Apply And Remove】:Our golf club sticker is made of tear-resistant material and high-quality adhesive.The stickers are easy to stick to the dry racket head and can be easily removed later,without leaving any adhesive residue and not damage Your Golf Club’s Face.
【Value Package】:You will receive 50 sheet 200pcs Impact Labels packaged in good condition.These golf impact tape can be used on driver, irons, wedges and birdies/hybrids/putters for both left and right handed clubs. Lightweight package fits easily into your golf bag,you can also share this golf swing training aid with your golf buddies.


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